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How much humidity would it take to cup hardwood 3/4"x5" flooring? How can you measure it? Is it possible that cupping can happen not because of humidity but because of poor installation? Are there other causes of cupping?
Iyad Hindi on 08-21-2020 02:19 AM


Ray Darrah
333333 , Alabama
Cupping can occur due to compression. If the wood flooring is tight to fixed objects and not allowed to move with changes in Relative Humidity, the edges will raise up. But the problem will be isolated to that one area, not everywhere.

The wider the plank, the more likely it is to cup. If the floor is acclimated properly to the installation site, cupping should be kept to a very minimum. The Indoor Relative humidity needs to be maintained between 30% and 55%, which is the comfort zone for solid North American Species.

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