Flooring Companies-Join FloorReports.com

FloorReports is a web-based claim assignment program for flooring companies and inspectors. FloorReports members are certified by one, or more of the following: IICRCIFCIFCITSNWFACPNALFA, CTEF and NFIC 

FloorReports is Free to Use, there are No Hidden Fees, No Contracts, and you are under no obligation to use the website for all of your claims.

At FloorReports you are selecting, and working directly with inspector(s) of your choice, there is no third-party involvement from the website administrators.

Claim Assignment Process:
• Log in to your private online queue.
• Select “Enter Claim to Assign”
• Use our New MAP Search to find the closest inspector, enter an Area Code or Select a State for list of inspectors covering that area
- Optional; view each inspector’s credentials
- Optional; email one or more inspectors for price quotes
• Select the inspector of your choice
• Enter your claim number and standard claim information.
• Click Submit. The claim is emailed to the inspector, and stored in your Pending Claims Queue

Status Notes:
• May be used by the Inspector or Claims Analyst to store and share information. Status Notes creates a permanent record of correspondance related to each claim.
• Each note, including scheduled dates, is emailed to the claim analyst and the inspector.

Request A Quote Feature:
• In the Main Menu, select “Request a Quote” to email multiple inspectors for a price quote.
• Enter brief claim information
• Select one or more states
• Click Submit
• Inspectors will submit a quote to you via email.

Your Queue:
• Pending claims are located in your Main Menu, and are always visible.
• Canceled and Completed Claims are permanently stored and easily located.
• New employee- no problem, simply add a new user from your queue.
• Assign permissions to company users
• Update your profile as needed

FloorReports is so easy to use we doubt you’ll ever need help, but if you do, simply click on the Help File for list of simple instructions, or click on the “Report a Problem or Need Help?” Link at the top-right of the page to ask a question.

Reports & Record Storage:
Reports, Pictures and Invoices are emailed to the claim analyst and permanently stored online under “Completed Claims”.
• Completed reports may also be saved to your computer and/or forwarded to your clients.

Thank you for visiting FloorReports.com. We hope you find value in our free service and look forward to working with you!