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This laminate is installed in a day care center. there is approximately 3,000
sf. The installer used a moisture barrier which is installed on existing VCT over a concrete slab. There is cupping in most planks and complete separation of the laminate board between the wear layers the photo and the core board in the heavy traffic lanes . In about 40 % of the area the edges of the laminate shows white edges where the wear layer should be. The but and joint seams are exposing a whitish color along the joint edges.
I will attach a picture ! Would like your input into writing this claim.
Michael Cote on 06-30-2018 1:15 PM


IMG 1317 (1).JPG
IMG 1318 (1).JPG
ray darrah
Ray Darrah
Las Vegas , Nevada
The raised edges are exposed to use and traffic and abrade fast.

The question I have is: Why is it cupping?

To install a moisture barrier over VCT over concrete is dangerous.

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