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I wonder if you can help. I had my entire house re carpeted about a year ago. I selected the most expensive underlay they sell. When fitted, the fitters were prolific with the number of staples they used to anchor the underlay - compressing it from 10mm thick to about 1-2mm where the staples were applied, leaving about 20mm circles around each staple.

These circles are now becoming visible and can all be felt under foot as there is no support to the carpet where the staples are. The job cost about 5k and I'm dissatisfied with both the look and feel of the carpet. The retailers sent the fitters back to inspect but, they reported back that they couldn't see any issue (which contradicts what they said when they were here)

Can you tell me - have you encountered this before? Should underlay of this thickness be stapled? Should a depth stop be used on the staple hammer to prevent this effect?

I had a previous manufacturing issue with the carpet - the manufacturer sent out an independent inspector Gareth Roberts but, I don't have any contact details for him.

Do you have any suggestions how to proceed (luckily, I paid using my credit card).


peter rees on 11-07-2018 9:10 PM from


IMG 0394.JPG
Ray Darrah
Ray Darrah
Hallandale Beach , Florida
Sounds like you have a flat, short pile. It' odd staples telegraph through
ray darrah
Ray Darrah
Las Vegas , Nevada
Sounds like a urethan foam cushion which compresses under staples.
Need more information about the cushion. This sound more like a cushion problem then a carpet problem

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