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I installed vinyl plank floors 1 1/2 years ago. From the beginning, i have been calling the company to tell them that I hear pop and crackle every time i walk on floors. They have come multiple times and said there is nothing wrong. There was one time one of their installers said that the problem was the subfloors since they were not even. But then their manager came back with them and they took back what they told me. Now, some of the floor has shifted in kitchen. They told me that it moved because my dishwasher was leaking. So it will cost me 1100 to fix. I told them some of the floor there is a real pop now happening. But they told me that perhaps some of the plastic moved but they would need to tear the whole section of living room and I am no longer in warranty so it will cost me a lot of money. Please help. I don't know if i am right but i don't think they didn't install them correctly.
Vanessa on 04-07-2022 1:08 PM     No responses


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