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I had my floors installed in November 2019 and in early March, my brother was over and he notice that the floor in the kitchen looked like it was peeling , not allover just some part and I am not sure why? i had my floor using Costco , who used Shaw flooring, who then used Aladdin for installation. I called and they had an independent inspector come out 08/07/2020 and then today I was told that my claim was denied but no reason why. I used rejuvenate on my floor but it is just certain place in the kitchen that is peeling and I don't know why, but it looks terrible, can you help please
Deborah on 09-11-2020 5:18 PM


Ray Darrah
333333 , Alabama
Hi Deborah,
what can we do?
floors peel or delaminate because it got wet or damaged.
You did not tell us what kind of floor.
Ron Ellsworth
A Floorman Company
Valier , Illinois
The peeling is the product you applied to it. That product needs to be removed and get the floor to its original condition. The reason for the claim being denied is because it's not related to the manufacturing process

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