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My contractor is mid-way done with installing these tiles and I can see top to bottom and wall to wall behind the tiles. The gaps are HUGE and furthermore, the tiles were spot bonded to bare wall without any thin set. He is bullying me, saying "we do this all the time without any problems" and "I will double the warranty to 2 years". He is also refusing to do a flood test prior to installing the floor tiles. Yes, he is licensed for light commercial and residential general contracting.

Is an acceptable installation method? See the attached photo and video.
What advice can you give me, please.

A very worried homeowner.
Karla Baning on 05-16-2021 2:49 PM


Master bath tile video.mp4
Ron Ellsworth
A Floorman Company
Valier , Illinois
Doubling the warranty does you no good. The tiles are installed incorrectly. The walls also need some type of waterproof membrane. Check with your local building inspector to see if a flood test is required. If so and not performed it will not pass the inspection. It's recommended to test for leaks but not required in all areas.
Steve Howell
Flooring Partners
Alpharetta , Georgia
Hi Karla,
Ceramic tile is very fragile until installed correctly, then the tiles are firm and sturdy. If you are not comfortable with the way your contractor is installing the tile, you can request he do it to the industry standards of the ceramic industry.
CTEF states that "Tile industry standards require minimum mortar coverage of 80% in dry areas and 95% in wet (showers) or exterior areas. Natural stone tile installations require 95% coverage in all applications."

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