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Looking for information on what type of flooring inspector is needed to review issues that I am having with newly installed luxury vinyl flooring. Flooring joints began breaking around island in kitchen within days and weeks of installation. Quick fix options (glue) were taken by installer that ultimately did not resolve issue. Now joints have started to break in many other locations throughout home. There is some up and down movement and creaking in locations. Less the 6 months after install. This is a thicker tongue and groove LVP flooring. Wide plank.
Jennifer on 07-09-2021 7:28 PM


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Ed Crawford
FloorSafety Specialists, LLC
CUMMING , Georgia
I am a certified inspector that covers Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina. I can be contacted at 678-357-9691 or
Mike Burgener
850 Group LLC
Crestview , Florida
I'm sorry you are having issues with your newly installed LVP.
You need an inspector certified to inspect Luxury Vinyl Plank or Tiles.
I am certified by to of the industry's top certifying bodies FCITS and CFIU. If you would like email me at or call me at 850-902-3410.
There's no charge unless a site inspection is needed.
Sorry for the delay, the site was having technical issues.

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