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We are having carpet installed right now and it is apparent that the pattern is not straight once installed. The installers guarantee that it is not an installation issue and that it must be a manufacturers issue. They said they need to call an independent inspector to determine this and then the manufacturer will send new carpet and pay for install.

But the part I am concerned about is they said we have to pay in full before they can send an order for an inspector. That it is the inspector who requires proof that the carpet has been fully paid for. I want to verify that is the case before I pay for carpet that I am not happy with. What would make them reach out to an inspector and care about if we've paid them?

Thank you,
Tera Cardinale on 04-09-2019 9:20 PM


Raymond Darrah
Ray Darrah
You were lied to.
If the project is not completed, you should not pay.
Also: No pattern is going to be perfect. It's the installers job to stretch the pattern straight during installation.
Brad Welsh
Brad Welsh Inspections
Bodfish , California
The pattern should have lined up prior to seaming the 2 panels together.

I wouldn't pay until it was inspected, might be wise to seek your on Inspector in your area,
Inspectors can be found here on this website

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