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Hello, I purchased bamboo flooring from Floor and Decor a few months ago. Weeks after installation, some started to shrink and now we have large gaps between panels. Floor and Decor said I need to reach out to you and set up for an inspector to come and look at them. I understand with COVID this would not be possible right now, but I'd like to set an appointment for sometime in the next few months. Please let me know what information you need from me. My house is in Westminster, CO.
Rachel Fortune on 04-08-2020 4:23 PM


Ron Ellsworth
A Floorman Company
Valier , Illinois
I am a certified inspector in Denver. You can call me direct @ 303-476-1085
Mike Pivar
MDP Flooring Solutions
Winfield , Illinois
I am in Illinois and you will need to locate someone local to help you with this. Quest Inspect is a national inspect firm that has inspectors all over the country and does a lot of inspects for Floor and Decor. You may want to try them.

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