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I am a professional interior designer and have just installed 3700 sq ft of engineered hardwood in our Chandler AZ custom home as part of a full house remodel on a million dollar home. We have completed several personal remodels and I have sold many, many clients on Engineered hardwood flooring in my years as a designer. Never have I encountered anything like this. We had only lived on these floors for a couple of months when they began showing hairline cracking and splitting right down the middle. This flooring was a HUGE investment and I have done my research. The humidity in our home is well within the 35-55% range listed on the consumer warrantee, we don't wear shoes in our home and are extremely easy on our floors. I just don't understand how this is happening. I need an expert to help us navigate this situation and rectify this very stressful situation.
Karen Johnson on 07-30-2020 8:02 PM


Ray Darrah
333333 , Alabama
if you purchased an exotic hardwood, such as brazilian cherry, it will not do well in low RH and check/split.
North American Species perform best in the desert.

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