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How do you proceed when the inspection report did not include faulty Italian tile prior to purchasing our condo.

When other flooring contractors were called the immediately identified movement in the tile.

How do you go about bringing the issue to the inspector that completed the inspection?
Mina Kerchak on 10-27-2020 8:21 PM


Ray Darrah
333333 , Alabama
you stated: "Movement in the tile".
This is an installation defect. Contact your installer or retailer who installed the flooring.
Ron Ellsworth
A Floorman Company
Valier , Illinois
Without reading the report that question is hard to answer. You may have to hire your own "Certifed" inspector. If the flooring contractors previously inspected are a dealer, sales rep, or installer it may or may not hold much credibility. Go back to this site and search for an inspector close to your area.

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