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A multi-layer engineered versus a laminated two later product Whcih will perform better and why
Joseph Villa on 05-18-2021 7:15 PM


Steve Howell
Flooring Partners
Alpharetta , Georgia
Hi Joseph,
The answer to your question is actually more questions...just like anything from cars & houses to grocery items and anything else, Flooring products have different qualities of product within each sub-category. The same is true for multi-laminated engineered products and there are also different qualities of 2-layer products.
We would need to know the exact products you are trying to compare before your question can
be addressed properly. You might be looking a excellent quality of multilayer and a poor 2-layer product OR visa-Versa.
Each construction is uniquely different, so your application needs to be a part of the decision process as well. Different constructions are developed for different one might be better for you, not not necessarily better for someone else.
Which is better? - It could be Either depending on the products you're comparing and the environment in which it will be installed.

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