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We bought our current home in August 2017 which was constructed in 2014. We have approximately 1500 square feet of tiles in the house; most of them are hollow and popping with looseness and can be heard when we walk on hem. We are strongly considering replacement of floor tiles before which we would like to get an expert opinion.
Home Location: Sarasota, Florida 34202
Jose P. George on 06-12-2018 3:35 PM


Ray Darrah
Ray Darrah
Hallandale Beach , Florida
you purchased a home that was 3 years old and the tile is loose?
That is a construction defect. if you were the original owner, you should contact the builder.

A good expert would be:
Andy Campbell: 407.467.8700
Jim Williams: 813.299.3468.
Or if you can wait until August:
Ray Darrah: 702 803 0004

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