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My contractor and I installed roughly 700 sq ft of Home Legend Sedona Maple engineered hardwood flooring with Traffic Master padding underneath, last month throughout the up stairs of my house. The flooring sounds like your walking on twigs or bubble wrap every time you walk on the flooring. Should it be making this sound?

Thank you
Craig Jones (740) 624-2020
Craig Jones on 07-10-2018 7:35 PM


ray darrah
Ray Darrah
Las Vegas , Nevada
Hi Craig,
the floor should not be making this noise.
We inspect these complaints often and usually find the sub-floor is out of flat leaving too much movement with foot traffic. The floor moves too much at the joint causing the noises.
HOWEVER: if you walk briskly across the floor and hear and noise with each footstep, you may be wise in hiring a Certified Inspector.
Click on: Search for an Inspector to seek.

Sorry for your problems.

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