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I bought Masland Soft Nylon carpet at almost 100.00 a yard.
I am seeing matting and track marks (some carpet people call it corn rolling) in different areas of the rug. I bought a Soniclean vacuum specifically for this carpet. I try to vacuum with the grain of carpet. But everytime I vacuum I get more mad that this expensive carpet is showing this kind of wear. It started 2 months in and I am now around 7 months.
Of course The warranty under Stainmaster tells me if it's ''corn rolling'' they don't cover that, doesn't sound like they cover anything. What do I do?
They said they would come out but they will side with Store 9 out of 10 times even if they're independent inspectors. I also had a different store owner tell me this, because they work for the mills the usually will side with them and not the customer.
So again should this kind of carpet show this wear at less than half year old? We have no pets, we have no kids, we don't wear shoes in our home, ever. I vacuum every other day. I am taking as good as care of this carpet anyone can.
Sandy Ritter on 10-15-2019 06:45 AM


Raymond Darrah
Ray Darrah
I'm very sorry you are unhappy with your carpet.
What you are experiencing is: 1. Crushing 2. Cornrowing.

Cut pile carpets (Saxony and Plush) crush and show shading. Shading is when the pile is a bit crushed and reflects light differently than the non-traffic lanes. This is not wear as defined by the warranty because there is no loss of fiber (face weight).

Cornrowing is usually due to improper vacuuming. Try to vacuum in three of four different directions. By this I mean, do not vacuum in the same direction as the traffic pattern. Vacuum in various directions to lift the pile. However, the tips of the yarn may be opening( called tip blossoming) which, again, reflects light differently than non-use areas. If the vacuum head is set too low, the vacuum can actually cause this problem.
Please take the time to read the cleaning and maintenance instructions for your carpet.

Cut pile carpets characteristically show footprints, vacuum lines and shade/crush with use. This is why Berber style carpets became so popular.

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