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I have a tile floor done two years ago that is horrible. Multiple areas of grout have come out. Other areas the grout has worn down because you can scrape it with a fingernail. The installers did a terrible job and did an acid wash over the wet grout without allowing anything to cure. A tile store owner and installer told me that I would be able to have unsanded grout put over the sanded grout and it would adhere. Besides the many holes, it is filthy even though it had stain blocker in it, again Iím told due to the acid wash that was done. I canít find anyone that wants to remove all of the old grout to re-grout. What are my options?
Connie Disbrow on 11-19-2020 5:56 PM


Ray Darrah
333333 , Alabama
ya gotta remove all the old grout before re-grouting.

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