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Floor was sanded and refinished. When light hits different areas, all over the floor, it does not look smooth although it seems 100% even when running my hand over it. The floor was gorgeous before, but floor contractor claims that I did not have the 'eye' for it. He says it is from the previous sanding job - does not make sense to me especially since all wood professionals who came down to estimate the job commented on the beauty of the floor. It was extremely difficult to take a photo but attached one that did show the issue. Please let me know how to proceed to find out what is wrong (sanding or finish) and how to hold him accountable, thanks Lillian
Lillian Verleger on 05-24-2019 2:20 PM from


IMG 0399.JPG
ray darrah
Ray Darrah
Las Vegas , Nevada
Hi Lilian,
You called me and I explained the situation to you.
The rule is:
- What you see in normal light from a standing position is a problem according to NOFMA and NWFA Standards.
- What you see in reflective light that is not visible in reflective light is not a problem.

If you see uneven surfaces in reflective light then close the blinds and you cannot see any uneven surfaces;;;;; there are no problems.

Thank you for coming to FloorREports "ask the expert".

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