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Our IVC vinyl planks are separating and there are many nail pops visible from the wood below. This house is less than a year old. We need to find someone to inspect the floor and or to tell us why this is occurring
Mimi Stout on 06-29-2017 3:56 PM


Stephen Lagueux
Stephen Lagueux,
St-Jules-de-Beauce , Quebec
Wood composants will shrink in the first few years of a new house when it drys up. This will cause the subfloor to move which causes the nails to pop out and cause your floor to separate. The difference in humidity as the seasons pass will also cause the wood to expand and contract. The nails issues will need to be adressed and a constant humidity level that is within manufacturer's recommendations must be kept.
Steve Hume
Steve Hume
Spring , Texas
Mimi, I can help you with this. Where do you live?

Thanks Steve Hume

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