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My name is Jai Raniga and i live in Sugar Land Texas. My cell phone number is 713-291-9866.
I just had new tiles installed in my living room, kitchen, bathroom etc. and to me it seems tiles are not even and may be defective from the factory. I am looking for a certified tile inspector to give me their opinion.
I will appreciate if someone can call and give me an estimate for the inspection. Thank you.
Jai Raniga.
Jai Raniga. (Jay) on 05-14-2018 3:51 PM from


Ray Darrah
Ray Darrah
Hallandale Beach , Florida
Hi Jai,
There are tolerances for warpage and if light is reflecting across the tile you may see these imperfections that may be well within tolerances.
If you are talking about Lippage, where one tile edge is higher than the neighboring tile, this is an installation issue.
Fees for Ceramic tile range from 450.00 minimum to 750.00 depending on time spent measuring and size of the installation.

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