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Our hickory floors began cupping and buckling within a few weeks of installation. the flooring was delivered in 95 degree heat, stacked in our living room 5 feet high in cardboard boxes set together. Neither the dealer nor the installers provided moisture readings at the time of install, he just said he took moisture readings after the wood began cupping and concluded that the humidity was too high, neither the temperature or the humidity changed from install to him checking the basement after problems arose . below the level the flooring was installed, is a finished basement, no mold problems or no humidity problems with the oak flooring we had for 20 years. the dealer is telling us that it is our fault because the humidity was too high, but nothing changed in our house and we had a small dehumidifier in the basement. we need another opinion besides the dealer and installers telling us that it's our fault, if the flooring is that sensitive then it should only be sold with a warning or not sold at all. why would anyone spend 10k only to have it replaced in a year? thank you
Jim Campbell on 08-30-2017 6:38 PM


Stephen Lagueux
Stephen Lagueux,
St-Jules-de-Beauce , Quebec
Hey Jim, your issue with the floor looks like an acclimation problem. You definetly need a thorough inspection.
David Craig
Flooring Specialists
Folsom , California
I suggest you have an independent inspection done. Your situation sounds like one that could be used as the reason for independent inspectors.

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