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My Hardwood Floor was installed last year at the end of October. My house is in a concrete slab foundation. At about August darker areas started appearing, at the beginning thought it may have been a natural condition of the wood. Darker and uglier areas kept coming and also a couple of areas of totally black spots. Installer seems to believe he has nothing to do with it. I have had my house checked for leaks, no leaks were found. If the humidity is from the foundation shouldn't the installer have tested before installing or should have been may be installed in a different way?
Magda Schafler on 11-13-2017 02:45 AM


Ray Darrah
Ray Darrah
Hallandale Beach , Florida
From the information given, the wood is sitting on a concrete slab that is emitting too much moisture.
The installers should have checked the slab for moisture prior to installation.
Might be wise to obtain an Certified Inspector from this site to have your floor tested and inspected.

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