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We had a floating engineered wood floor installed by a local Dallas flooring company (CC Carpet). From day one, the floor has had areas of significant movement in which you can obviously feel and visually see boards moving as you walk. After months of CC Carpet people coming out to inspect (and one guy cutting the floor around the walls of a room and installing an extra expansion joint), nothing has changed. Today, the head of the installation department said he believes the movement falls with the realm of what is normal for a floating floor. We disagree. Do we have any reasonable recourse? What should our next step be?
Jim Crouch on 10-10-2019 6:36 PM


ray darrah
Ray Darrah
Las Vegas , Nevada
If you can feel the deflection, it is too much.
An inspection can confirm your suspicions and reference the installation requirements compared to the actual installation.
If the installation requirements/specifications are not met, then the installation company is responsible.
What an inspection cannot do is force the installers to repair the floor.
To force the repairs, it would take filing complaints all over the internet, possible small claims court or filing complaints with state and local government entities such as licensing boards.

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