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ITEL Report state our floor is Acacia Hardwood, solid, prefinished flooring. The box of wood left over from the install states floor is walnut, our contractor says the floor is walnut, and the retail and wholesale flooring distributor say states the floor is walnut. The insurance company quoted our replacement floors at the Acacia Hardwood price without tax or shipping at $8.51 sq. ft.

Walnut flooring of like kind and quality is quoted by our contractor and the flooring distributor at $10.89 and $13.99 respectively. How can we determine what type of floor we have?
Sharon Armstrong on 02-20-2018 5:35 PM


Jose Lopez Dieguez
Lorton , Virginia
you retailer can send a letter head with the retail value of the walnut floor you have, and explaining the Insurance company that the Itel report is wrong, it happens, and a new Itel should be done sending a new piece remove from site to Jackson Florida HQ, for a second analysis
Ray Darrah
Ray Darrah
Hallandale Beach , Florida
Virginia Tech has a wood science division who can test and identify the species.

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