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I have had Shaw vinyl flooring glued down in my house (the flexible planks not the floating ones). I live in NW Florida were the temperatures have been in the 20s at night and 40s to 50s during the day. My flooring is not sticking along the wall in every room, several pieces are lifting up where you can see that the glue has not adhered to back of the planks, and most of the rest of the pieces are showing some peaking/tenting along the end joints and are slightly lifting up along the long edges. When we were at the house discussing the issue with the instillation manager, one of the contractors said that it was freezing in the house when they were installing the flooring because they kept leaving the doors open. Also, they brought the flooring and glue out to the house and stored it in my garage. Sometimes it was cold in the garage and sometimes they left the door from the house to the garage open. Now that the house has been consistently heated for three days, the issues I described are getting worse and the planks that completely lifted off the floor are no longer fitting back down. The instillation manager has identified the issue as being "the slab is too cold", but won't place blame on the flooring contractors and seems to think the problem will be fixed because he is having the contractors add more glue to the planks that are coming up. I feel that the entire floor needs to be redone. My concern is that because the floor was installed incorrectly, adding glue to some of the planks will not fix the problem. I'm worried that all or most of the glue will fail eventually, especially on the pieces that are slightly lifting up (less than a millimeter to a millimeter). Will this issue most likely continue to get worse with the glue failing throughout? Do you have any advice for how to handle this situation or what I could say to the instillation manager to get through to him? Thanks.
Briana Weiss on 01-06-2018 4:43 PM


Ray Darrah
Ray Darrah
Hallandale Beach , Florida
you installed the floor too cold. as it warms up it will expand. The flooring is pushing towards the wall and the planks will lift along the wall due to the expansion of the entire floor.

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