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Would this be considered a professional installation for crossville moonstruck series UPS retified tile?
The residence built in 1985, concrete slab, Structural Engineer Inspection Report, Ok prior to install.
laticrete fracture ban 40 mil membrane and fracture ban primer installed prior to tile install
Crossville Moonstruck Series UPS rectified tile 12x24x3/8
MAPEI UltraFlex 2 Gray Mortar used to install tile
Bostik TruColor Rapid Cure Grout used
I have many high spots from tile installation with hollow sound underneath the tile. The high spots can be seen from 15 feet away.
I am concerned about tripping and falling from these high spots.

I have grout haze residue on the tile also. The grout haze residue has been on the tile since February 17, 2017. The flooring company has tried the Bostik "Blaze" product with little success.

The company owner said the high-spots was caused by lippage/warpage from the tile. The owner said the high-spots was ok by him.
The company owner said the hollow sounds I hear was because the membrane was on the concrete slab and that the mortar and tile applied on top of the membrane caused the hollow sounds. Laticrete said if their product was applied correctly and if the mortar was applied to secure a proper bond with the tile I should only here a solid sound.

Company owner declined to have their inspector come to examine my residence. Said I could pay for the inspector their company uses.
Installation of tile and grout done on February 17, 2017 still waiting for help., March 20, 2017.

Please review pictures and explanation and questions I have submiited.
I recorded a phone video for all of the rooms with the painters tape showing all the high-spots, which I have available for review.
I await your response.
Thomas on 03-20-2017 4:54 PM


20170225 083547.jpg
20170225 083725.jpg
20170228 123009.jpg
20170311 095554 001.jpg
Stephen Lagueux
Stephen Lagueux,
St-Jules-de-Beauce , Quebec
If the tiles are sraight and flat from corner to corner, than it is most likeley a subflloor flatness issue or pebbles/debris in the mortar.
Ray Darrah
Ray Darrah
Las Vegas , Nevada
This is not an approved installation.
There should not be this kind of lippage.
Brad Welsh
Brad Welsh Inspections
Bodfish , California
Commission your own inspection.

Is your best bet.
FloorReports can assist you in finding an Inspector in your area.

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