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Looking at very nice, clean, upgraded home in golf course community with cat pee smell--3 cats. Since my agent mentioned it to their agent, now plug in air fresheners all over house on 2nd showing and they say they've never had an issue. I have cats myself. I am nearly certain they have pee in the flooring somewhere for the smell to have been that overwhelming on the first showing. Can you guys inspect/detect this issue, particularly if we ask all plug ins be removed for inspection? Can you detect with other methods? I bought a house before with cat pee issue and I know it can be a big, expensive issue including baseboards and walls.
Vicky Cannon on 05-17-2017 5:41 PM


ray darrah
Ray Darrah
Las Vegas , Nevada
Cat urine does not come out..........

floors require replacement. Walls and doors need washing and painting because they spray.

Big job.

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