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Looking at very nice, clean, upgraded home in golf course community with cat pee smell--3 cats. Since my agent mentioned it to their agent, now plug in air fresheners all over house on 2nd showing and they say they've never had an issue. I have cats myself. I am nearly certain they have pee in the flooring somewhere for the smell to have been that overwhelming on the first showing. Can you guys inspect/detect this issue, particularly if we ask all plug ins be removed for inspection? Can you detect with other methods? I bought a house before with cat pee issue and I know it can be a big, expensive issue including baseboards and walls.
Vicky Cannon on 05-17-2017 5:41 PM


Stephen Lagueux
Stephen Lagueux,
St-Jules-de-Beauce , Quebec
If regular household odor control products don't work than you will most likely need an odor control technician to help pinpoint exactly what the problem is and help you solve it.

Pet pee can be found on carpets using first of all your nose, Uv light, moisture detector, ph strips. Depending on the severity and size of the problem, the carpet may need replacement including sub padding. If a wood subfloor is affected, special cleening solutions can be used including sanding of the affected area. If a concrete subfloor is affected, this one can be cleaned using an acidyc solution. Also depending if the pet involved is a cat, a dog, a furret, a male or a female will help determine the extent of the remediation/decontamination.
ray darrah
Ray Darrah
Las Vegas , Nevada
Cat urine does not come out..........

floors require replacement. Walls and doors need washing and painting because they spray.

Big job.

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