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I was having new carpet installed when I noticed that there were balding spots along the molding. The carpet was falling apart in my hands. Parts are down to the tacking. The areas that were installed are also pulling up and you can pull a long line of the carpet out. Something is definitely not right. Whether itís the installation, the carpet or s combination of both. Iím getting the run around. The company is denying any responsibility even when I showed them pictures and video. My 20+ year old carpet is in better shape then the new one. Now Iím in a house of uninstalled carpet. I asked for them to come see it, and they wonít. Itís a hazard in my house and I even had a door fall on me, that was reinstalled by the carpet installer. Please help. Thank you.
Christine M on 12-19-2017 7:18 PM


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Ray Darrah
Ray Darrah
Hallandale Beach , Florida
Carpet should not be doing this. It should be inspected to determine who is responsible, but most likely it is installation as you stated it was at the wall on top of the strip.
Ron Ellsworth
A Floorman Company
Golden , Colorado
This is an installation error of miss-cuts. You may need to hire a local inspector to verify.

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